CORC - Back to Majura - 6hr


Since the re-opening of Majura pines I think I can speak for all mountain bikers when I say the Majura Pines trail alliance did a pretty unbelievable job in transforming Majura into the mountain bike destination it has become.  For anyone who enjoys berms, jumps, rocks, roots and pines Majura is the place for you!

When I heard CORC were holding 3 and 6 hour races as part of the ‘Back to Majura’ event I was pretty keen to say the least! Young gun Sam Dyne and I decided to team up and race the 6hr pairs category riding for Ride 365. With Sam riding very strong lately and only getting stronger it definitely had me motivated for a fun days racing!

The hour before the race was spent catching up with all the usual suspects and swapping stories from the last few weeks of racing before Paul and Sam turned up with what seemed to be an entire workshop in the back of the car! I can definitely say we were the best-prepared team if anything were to go wrong, which I would later be very thankful for.

We decided we were going to swap off for the 6 hrs doing one lap each with each lap being roughly 30 minutes. I was up for the first lap and it didn’t take long before the pace was on! I was happily sitting in 3rd behind Griffin Layton- Scheld and Mark Tupalski. Unfortunately this didn’t last long due to dropping my chain a few times, which Paul later noticed was due to a missing chainring bolt! The rest of the lap was spent trying to cruise back to transition knowing Sam would quickly make up any lost ground and sure enough he did exactly that.

Paul was nice enough to let me borrow his Scott Scale for the remainder of the 6 hours, which allowed me to help Sam out in chasing the other teams. The next few hours were spent slowly working our way back through the field and with both of us feeling pretty good we managed to work our way back from roughly 8th into 2nd place overall and 1st in our category.

I’m sure Sam would agree that the combination of berms and jumps made the course unbelievably fast which was a lot of fun however combine this with what seemed to be a never ending amount of roots and rocks and the course took a big toll on my hands, arms and lower back which showed towards the end. After 5 ½ hours we knew that once Sam came through we would only have one lap to go. With Sam finishing really strong I knew no one could catch us if all went well. With this in mind my last lap felt more like a recreational ride with the main focus being on seeing how much air time I could get off each and every jump on the course.

Team Basecamp

Cruising over the finish line and taking the win in our category was an awesome feeling although on such an awesome course, racing with such a close community of riders more time was spent worrying about who was getting the most air time or who could hit the roots the fastest and manage to stay on their bike rather then where we were positioned.

It was awesome racing with Sam and seeing him so strong at such a young age.  I’m sure he will have me chasing him in no time! Without Paul from Ride 365 I would’ve been without a bike within the first 30 minutes however I am very thankful for his ultimate toolbox, spare bike and organization, which led to it being great days racing.

As always the CORC crew did an amazing job and after the weekend I can only hope there are a lot more races to be held at Majura pines and many more for myself having a blast with the Ride 365 crew! 

(Photo Credits - Top: Russ Baker, Basecamp: David B)