Cyclocross Nationals in Canberra!

I spent Sunday enjoying both the racing and atmosphere of Canberra's first ever National CX round. Having missed the first day of racing on Saturday and was eager to get out and experience all of the fun everyone was talking about. 

The excitement level was off the scale, with a forecast for snow and a maximum of 7 degrees, it was Canberra's turn to show the Europeans how 'cross is properly done. 

Sam on Grass

The racing was hard and hectic, the mud was heavy. The men's support race was off first, with Jamie and Sam both pushing hard. Next up was the masters Race, with Andrew McCosker from Phoenix getting 4th place for the second time thisweekend. The Helene and Em rolled off on their Felt Bikes racing many of the fabulous Boss Girls, Tegan, Katie, Lisa. Finally the elite mens main event was off, there were a great display of skills on show. 

Lene taking on the stairs

Again a huge thank you to Paul & Claire Aubrey and their team for organising the first ever Canberra CX National round amd making it such a memorable event.

Congratulations to everyone that raced and had fun!  A great turnout and excellent performances from so many riders including those from Ride 365, Boss Racing, Phoenix Cycling Collective and Team Torq. 

Andrew McCosker Owning the Dirt

Super proud to have Ride 365 riders Helene Blackwell, Jamie Sell & Sam Dyne showing off the green – well done each of you for getting podium time!

Hopefully we’ll see some more great CX racing as we roll into spring. If you haven’t yet checked a race out, get along and see what this great discipline is all about!

Jamie Sell