Rocky Trail AMB 33k Race Report

What a great event, the crew at Rocky Trail always run like a well oiled machine and this weekend was no exception. To keep this short and easy to read I’m going to put this into dot points, regarding the highs and the lows (sorry about the lack of lows.)



  • Names on race plates, it may not sound like much but can be really helpful out on the track!
  • Riding out to the event, just a short spin but it was a great sunrise and a good way to warm up the legs.
  • The customary pre-race chats and catch-ups, it’s always nice to see a few friendly faces out at these events.
  • Watching the 100 milers start to come through for their third lap just before we started, they were up early with a 5am start time!
  • The gun going off and getting a decent start, I swear I never manage to clip in first try…
  • Solid pace on the fire roads meant a group of 4 of us were able to get away, all juniors surprisingly!
  • I paced myself well, most of this credit goes to the CORC Junior who I followed for the whole race.
  • Everyone was really friendly out on the track. Makes the time fly when you can chat to people.
  • I stuck with this CORC Junior (Jack) and with about 10km I decided that I should try to get past.
  • Every single time I tried to attack or overtake, Jack had already thought about it and was super powerful.
  • I had a big crack on Break Out, getting level with Jack, but having to pull back because I was about to hit a tree!
  • Jack and I cruised to the finish, as we came over the bridge down towards the finish line, Jack missed that you needed to take a sharp left into the finish chute, I nearly managed to sneak in front of him but I couldn’t quite get there. Jack finished in 3rd and I was 4th.



  • Starting 5 minutes after the 66k and 100k riders meant that there was a lot of overtaking to do, I think this is the right way to do it, just a bit tricky at times.
  • I’m sorry to everyone that I had to squeeze, wriggle, sneak or rush past on the track. It’s tricky when there is a group of 4 and we are all trying to get past at the same time!
  • Almost the whole 33k field took a wrong turn on the first fire road, nothing to do with the event organisers, just something that we completely missed!
  • The Fire Road of Pain wasn’t heaps of fun…27% gradient and trying to catch back up to Jack was so painful.