There are so many reasons we choose to stock Castelli at Ride 365. It is the most comfortable kit available and has a very comprehensive winter range, perfect for the coldest Canberra mornings.

We chose Castelli to produce our shop kit, and worked very hard to choose a range that will be comfortable on the bike for the short sharp crits, all the way through to a super Sunday on your bike. 

Some of our favourite products are:

  • Castelli Head Thingy
  • Castelli CW3.1 Glove
  • Quinndici Sock
  • Castelli Super Rosso Corsa Glove

Let's see what Castelli have to say about themselves:


Castelli traces its roots back to a fine tailor (Vittore Gianni) in the heart of Milan, founded in 1876. Through the years, Vittore Gianni clothed AC Milan, Juventus, and the Milan Ballet.

The first cycling clothing was made in the 1910s for the world champion and five-time Giro champion Alfredo Binda.

The business changed course in 1935 when a young Armando Castelli joined Gianni’s staff and in 1939 purchased the company.

Castelli maintained Vittore Gianni’s high‑profile clients, which by the late 1940s included the cycling heroes Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi.

Armando’s son, Maurizio was born. He grew up following the races of Fausto Coppi who always wore Vittore Gianni clothing, including the first silk skin suits designed for Fausto’s time trials.

And it didn’t stop there, Louison Bobet, Raphael Gimignani, Rik Van Looy and Jacques Anquetil wore the Vittore Gianni apparel, including up to 12 pro teams were clothed by Vittore Gianni in these years.

An early version of the Castelli scorpion logo fashioned by Maurizio for his newly formed brand.

Castelli innovates again when introducing the first aerodynamic Lycra® shorts used in racing and sold to the public.

Castelli was crowned with the prestigious Corriere dello Sport Discobolo award. “Castelli has in a truly futuristic way, revolutionize clothing for cyclists”.

At the 1981 Giro, Maurizio outfitted a handful of riders with the first colored Lycra® shorts – at a time when only black shorts were allowed.


Castelli pioneered the sublimation dye process with the first sublimation printing of jerseys which allowed graphics such sponsor’s names to be printed directly on fabric.

Bernard Hinault wore the first windproof jersey to win the Fleche Wallonne classic.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Castelli supplied the leader jerseys at the Giro d’italia and Tour de France as well as a dozen of pro teams.

Maurizio’s life was cut short at age 47 when he died of a heart attack riding up the Cipressa hill, the legendary ascent on the Milan-San Remo course.


Maurizio’s vision to create the most innovative clothing continued being the driving force of the company. In 1996, the first fully aerodynamic skinsuit was introduced for the Atlanta Olympics.

Castelli equipped the Italian national cycling team, and Paola Pezzo when she won the olympic gold medal in mountain biking. The same year, Castelli introduced the first womens cycling collecton.

Castelli revolutionizes race clothing supplyng Team Saunier Duval with the first aero race jersey, the first aero bibshorts, and the lightest jersey ever produced and used in Pro-cycling.

The Giro leg band is introduced when all other cycling shorts have a tight, thin, uncomfortable gripper elastic, and completely changes cycling shorts in just 4 years.

Castelli is first to bring nano-technology to cycling with Nano Flex proprietary water repellent fabrics that shed water but without membranes that inhibit breathability.

Cervelo-TestTeam, improving clothing for cold and wet conditions, Gabba WS jersey, the first all-weather aerodynamic protection.